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Toro: Single Bull

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Price: $840.00
Single Bull, Toro DaNisha Sculpture
Item Number: 2008-A-0008
Toro: Single Bull Sculpture
by DaNisha

I had a dream I lived a thousand years ago during the days of ancient Greece. There were no vehicles, no cars or planes in which to travel. I could not return to my modern day home. I was marooned in antiquity, until I conceived of a beast, so swift of hoof it could travel across the misty chasms of time. On its back I mounted, gripping ear and horn, and held my breath as we dashed, quick as the light, to the present day.
  • Handmade ceramic
  • Limited Edition of 44
  • Measures 10" x 14" x 17"
  • Each piece is individually made by the artists so painting may vary from piece shown.
  • Allow 8 weeks for delivery of your DaNisha Sculpture.
Dan is the sculpture in the duo that makes up DaNisha. Dan has mastered the ability to edit the forms of life so as to describe figures elegantly and without clutter. It is his job to find and arrive at just the right amount of detail (not too much!) in order to create something beautiful. As in all things, there is beauty in simplicity. This is the art of sculpture. Nisha, the other part of DaNisha, concerns herself with two particular aspects of the art of drawing/painting; color and line. She says; ... Grasping the depth of emotion color can convey has been my challenge. I cross into the world of emotion and color with excitement, searching for ways to express feelings and love.

They are proud to assure you that each piece is unique and represents the heart and soul of the character with just the right ingredient a pinch of humor. Look for the DaNisha logo on each piece.

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