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Havdalah 12" Braided Candle, Blue and White

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Price: $14.00
Havdalah 12" Braided Candle, Blue and White Judaica
Item Number: 1055-A-0006
Havdalah 12" Braided Candle: Blue & White

A Havdalah candle is a braided candle with several wicks. A child or a woman often holds it while it is lit, then it is placed in a special candle holder that fits its thin, oblong shape.

The flame of the candle symbolizes the separation between the spiritual world and the material world. It also represents the first light of Creation, renewed energy for the upcoming week and new beginnings. After the blessing, traditionally people now raise their hands toward the flame and look at their fingernails, which reflect the fires light. Why? One explanation is simply the pleasure we receive by watching the flames reflection dancing on our fingers. Another is that the light reflected by our nails and the shadows cast by our fingers onto our palms represent the separation between light and darkness.

Havdalah is a ritual that takes place at the end of Shabbat. Just as candles are lit to welcome Shabbat on Friday evenings, Havdalah (Hebrew for separation) marks the end of Shabbat and separates it from regular weekdays. We know that Shabbat has ended and it is time for Havdalah when three stars appear in the night sky.


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